Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Arash AF-10

                                       This is the newest super car from Britain. It is called the Arash AF-10. Arash    Farboud is the man behind this machine. The AF-10 is said to be priced around 172,000 pounds. The car is  actually inspired by race cars seen in the Le Mans and other similar events.
                                    So what do get for so many pounds?  Well you get a hand made carbon-fibre body that is produced in Cambridge. The gearbox is from Italy! And the engine, Mr Arash  Farboud  obviously kept something for America and he went for one of the seven litre V8. Yes, the same engine that powers the Corvette ZO6. So you get 539 bhp on tap and a 0-60 dash in 3.4 seconds. Oh, this car also has air conditioning, sat nav,  mp3
player and a touch screen console.

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